Our culture

Our People

Getz Healthcare is powered by our people.

We recognise the combined strengths and differences that every member of our team brings to our organisation. We aim to foster a work environment where people feel valued, productive and happy.

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Our Core Values

Across all of our 9 countries, we at Getz Healthcare share the same Core Values, which guides us in every decision we make in order
to achieve our goals and fulfill our mission and vision.
Deliver Performance with Passion
Take pride in our reputation as the leading healthcare distribution company in Asia Pacific. Be accountable for delivering results consistently with passion, perseverance and a sense of urgency.
Act with Ethics, Honesty & Integrity
Do the right thing even if no one else is watching. Build trust and take responsibility for your actions.
Challenge Our Thinking
Never settle for the status quo. Have the courage and initiative to do something different, no matter how big or small.
Have a Mind-Set to Learn
We learn from doing the job we do. We learn from collaborating with others. We learn from training. We learn from mistakes. And most importantly, we apply all of our learnings.
Listen to the Views of Others
We communicate openly. We respect and value the opinions of others and listen to all contributions made.
One Getz Healthcare
Participate and work together as a team. Respect and support each other to achieve common goals.

Recognising Talent

At Getz Healthcare, our people are recognised for their achievements both within the company and also by our Business Partners through our various award programs.

Getz Healthcare Hero

Our Core Values are central to everything we do. Every quarter, we award individuals that best demonstrate our Core Values in their behaviour & the work they do.

CEO Award for Best Performing Country

Every year, the top 3 performing countries are awarded by our CEO for their excellent performance.

Awards and Milestones

We regularly recognize our top performing colleagues, as well as celebrating milestones. These awards are given to both individuals and teams across our countries.