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Getz Healthcare Technical Services

We provide benchmark technical support to our customers across Asia Pacific.

Our team includes some of the most experienced and qualified biomedical engineers, clinical engineers & support staff in the industry. All technical staff undertake their work in strict accordance with relevant local & international standards.

We help hospitals and health systems address their challenges related to medical devices, ensuring that the equipment is ready for use at all times so that healthcare professionals can focus on delivering patient care.

With the ever increasing challenges of meeting the immediate and effective technical responses demanded by today's healthcare facilities, we provide a full suite of engineering services and biomedical asset support for hospitals, specialist clinics, ambulance services, day surgeries and General Practitioner practices.

Our Services

Based on our customers’ needs, our engineering team solutions are either mobile engineering teams or dedicated on-site engineers.

Mobile Engineers

Our local mobile engineers provide fast response times to customers’ support requests.

On-Site Engineers

Our dedicated on-site engineers are based on our customers’ locations and serve as part of the daily healthcare support team.

Our Service Benefits

Better Asset & Control Management

Our total medical equipment management helps hospitals reduce cost & improve clinical productivity by ensuring accurate tracking & reporting of all equipment records.

On Time Servicing & Maintenance

We conduct regular servicing & maintenance to ensure the highest performance from our customers’ medical equipment.

Reduce Equipment Downtime

We ensure that equipment meets or exceeds all performance specifications & provide high level technical support to minimise any equipment downtime.

Focus on Delivering Patient Care

We take the time intensive tasks of managing and maintaining equipment so that customers can focus on providing the best care for patients.
We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Full Suite of Technical Services

  • Total Equipment Management
  • Equipment Pre-Checks
  • Equipment Servicing & Repair
  • Electrical Safety Testing & Certification
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers Support
  • “First Call” Diagnostic Assistance
  • Clinical Area Testing
  • Spare Parts Procurement
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • 24/7 Emergency Call Out Facility

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